Terms & Conditions regarding room hire at Eighty81
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Conditions of Hire and Responsibilities of Hirer

Hire of the Main Event Room is at the discretion of the Blick Studios T/A Eighty81 Workspace and their decision is final in every application.

A contract or booking form is issued to confirm each hire.

If the hirer (the person who signs the booking form or contract) is not going to be present during all the hire, s/he must appoint another responsible person, over the age of 21, who will be present during the day/evening hire, and a copy of these regulations must be given to them to be read and for them to take responsibility for ensuring compliance with all.

Nature of Hire Function
The purpose of the hire of any rooms in Eighty81 Creative Workspace shall be notified to the Administrator when the hire is arranged.

No auction, sale or other forms of commercial activity is allowed unless sanctioned by the Management Committee.

Hire Restrictions
The maximum number of persons present at any one time in any room shall not exceed the number specified on the website for each room http://eightyeightyone.com/room-hire

Unless specified use of the kitchen in the event space is not included in your hire.

No hiring for the purposes of amplified music.

All music must end by 11.30 pm and all rooms must be vacated no later than 12.00 midnight for any event.

Use of the rooms must in no way cause interference to the staff or management of Eighty81 or other occupants of Eighty81 Creative Workspace or Building 80/81, Ebrington Square.

Comply with any reasonable rules or regulations which may be set down by Blick Studios and their staff for the efficient operation of Eighty81 Creative Workspace.

Accept full responsibility for the management and supervision of its own business activities

Booking Charges
For all occasional bookings, a separate deposit will be required – you will be invoiced in advance for this deposit.

Cancellations for one off bookings are chargeable in full, but a refund may be made at the discretion of the Eighty81 Creative Workspace, subject to an administration charge of £5.

For ongoing bookings, we require 4 weeks notice of cancellation to avoid a cancellation fee.

Management Committee Disclaimer
Every endeavour will be made by Eighty81 Creative Workspace to fulfil any booking, but they retain the right to cancel any letting should the need arise. In such cases, the Eighty81’s liability will be limited to the refund of monies paid in respect of a booking cancelled.

Eighty81 will not accept liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by hirers or any other person whilst using the rooms, including loss or damage to goods or property left in the rooms.

Safety of Persons using the Rooms
The hirer shall take the following safety precautions:
Carry out a risk assessment of the intended activity. The risk assessment should identify any specific precautions/actions that the hirer needs to undertake to ensure the safety of his/her group.
Specific requirements may be needed for disabled persons, young persons etc. 

In particular, the hirer should consider how s/he will evacuate the building in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Locate the fire exits from the building and check they are unobstructed and remain so.

Check the position of fire extinguishers/fire blanket/fire alarm system and their modes of operation.

Ensure that alarms are not set off falsely. 

The activation of the Fire Alarm, even false alarms, can result in the Fire Brigade being called.  The Fire Brigade is entitled to charge for a false call out.  The hirer at the time of the false alarm will be liable for any such charge and may also be charged should a key holder have to be called out to reset the alarm.

Ensure that the Eighty81 Creative Workspace NO SMOKING policy is rigidly observed.

Ensure that real flame candles are not used unless they are in safety containers which extinguish the candle if knocked over.

Ensure that when the rooms are used for stage play performances, all scenery, curtains, stage effects etc. shall be of a non-flammable material and no naked candles may be used on stage without permission of the Licensing Authority.

Ensure that no alterations are made to electrical circuits.

Ensure that electrical circuits are not overloaded.

Ensure that all portable electrical appliances brought in and used or stored at the rooms are tested and labelled.

Record any accident that may occur in an Accident Report Book. 

Blick Studios holds Public Liability insurance for loss or injury. This insurance does not cover the hirer for loss as a result of his/her own actions or inaction.

It is recommended that the hirer should have adequate insurance in force for all legal liabilities which could arise, including death or personal injury to third parties (including employees and volunteers), damage to any room property or the property of others, arising out of occupation and activities whilst at Eighty81 Creative Workspace premises.

Blick Studios has the right to check the existence of such cover on request and to deny access or continued use in the event of its non-existence.

Music and Nuisance
The hirer shall ensure that the playing of music and other noise created during your hire shall not cause any nuisance to other workspace users and nearby residents.

Any form of amplification shall be so controlled by the hirer as to prevent any nuisance.

All external doors should be kept closed during the hire to minimise noise emissions from the rooms

Condition and Security of the Rooms
The hirer must ensure that the rooms are left secure and undamaged and the rooms and outside lobby areas and toilet are left in a clean and tidy condition, suitable for use by the next hire.

Any items in the rooms found to require repair or attention should be recorded on a Defect Report form (located in the kitchen).

Wherever possible a notice should be fixed to the damaged equipment warning that it is not to be used.

A charge may be made to cover the repair of any damage or breakages arising during a hire.

IMPORTANT:  ALL LIGHTS must be switched off before leaving the rooms.
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