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Hire of hot desk space is at the discretion of Blick Studios T/A Eighty81 Workspace and their decision is final in every application for hire.

A contract or booking form is issued to confirm each hire. 

Booking Charges:
Hot Desk Fee: hourly rate £5, half day rate (4 hrs) £15, daily rate (9am - 5pm) £20  per person per day.  

For all occasional bookings, a separate deposit will be required – you will be invoiced in advance for this deposit.


Cancellations are chargeable in full, but a refund may be made at the discretion of the Eighty81 Creative Workspace, subject to an administration charge of £5.

Every endeavour will be made by Eighty81 Creative Workspace to fulfil any booking, but they retain the right to cancel any letting should the need arise. In such cases, the Eighty81’s liability will be limited to the refund of monies paid in respect of a booking cancelled.

Blick Studios holds Public Liability insurance for loss or injury. This insurance does not cover the hirer for loss as a result of his/her own actions or inaction. Blick Studios shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property brought into the workspace, or any accidents that are not deemed our responsibility. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover your business, staff and property needs.

It is recommended that the hirer should have adequate insurance in force for all legal liabilities which could arise, including death or personal injury to third parties (including employees and volunteers), damage to any room property or the property of others, arising out of occupation and activities whilst at Eighty81 Creative Workspace premises.

Blick Studios has the right to check the existence of such cover on request and to deny access or continued use in the event of its non-existence. 

Eighty81 Creative Workspace is a shared space, please be considerate at all times of all other users of the space. Conduct your business in such a way as to cause no interference to the other occupants of Eighty81 Creative Workspace. Unless otherwise agreed with all other users of the space please use headphones and do not play music out loud or make any other unreasonable level of noise. 

We want Eighty81 to be a supportive and encouraging space for all businesses and people using the facilities. Please be polite, friendly and supportive to all other residents, their employees, clients, and any other people using the building for any reason.

You shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of the people visiting you in the workspace. 

If you ever have any concerns over anyone else using the building please contact 

We have done our best to provide a safe working environment for all users of the space, but please be aware you are responsible for your own, your employees and your visitors health and safety at all times. We also ask that you do your best to keep the space safe at all times for all other users. We will provide a basic first aid kit and accident log book for all building users in the cupboard below the sink in the kitchen. Please use this kit as required and also log any incidents and also email to report any accidents. 
If you have any concerns over health and safety please contact   

Eighty81 will not accept liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by hirers or any other person whilst using the rooms, including loss or damage to goods or property left in the rooms.

Ensure that no alterations are made to electrical circuits.

Ensure that electrical circuits are not overloaded.

Ensure that all portable electrical appliances brought in and used or stored at the rooms are tested and labelled.

Record any accident that may occur in an Accident Report Book. 

Please be aware that fire safety for yourself and your employees and visitors is your responsibility and as such you should carry out your own fire risk assessment and have a plan in place should the worst happen. Please make sure you keep fire doors closed, and exit routes clear, know where the fire escapes and fire extinguishers are.   

Fire Drills - To ensure alarms and equipment are working effectively and people have an understanding of the buildings fire action plan we will be having a fire drill each week on a Friday morning at 9.30 am, please factor this into your working week.

Visitors book – A visitors book will be placed in the lobby to the right of the main entrance, please ask any clients or visitors to sign in and out.

Fire lift – please note the lift in the main entrance to the building is a fire lift and can safely be used by disabled building users in the event of a fire. The other lift is NOT a fire lift and must not be used in the event of a fire.

Ensure that the Eighty81 Creative Workspace NO SMOKING policy is rigidly observed.

If you have any concerns over fire safety please contact   

The building is fully adapted for disabled access, however for safe-keeping and to avoid misuse as the disabled step lift between Studio 1 and Studio 2 isn’t currently in use the keys to operate it is held within the key box in the comms room on the ground floor. If you have any disabled members of staff or visitors and require use of this lift please email for the keys to operate it and operational instructions   The lift in the main entrance is a fire lift and can be used by disabled building users in case of emergency, please make any disabled visitors and staff aware of this. The lift is monitored 24 hours a day. There is an emergency button at disabled height (with a yellow bell on it) inside the lift in case of problems when using. Please press this button and wait for a response from an operator. There are disabled toilets on both floors   

Eighty81 is a shared space, it is essential that all users take responsibility for ensuring the security of the building and all property.   Do not facilitate entry to anybody who you are not specifically meeting. The external doors must be kept closed at all times. 

Any workspace or communal areas including kitchen, break out space and conference room used must be cleaned and cleared after use, e.g. cleaning dishes and putting away after use, emptying bins etc.
All waste and recycling are to be placed in the bins in the kitchen.
We want to make Eighty81 as financially and environmentally sustainable as possible, please ensure you save energy and switch off all lights and any electrical appliances not in use before you leave the building. 

The lifts are monitored 24 hours a day. There is an emergency button (with a yellow bell on it) inside each lift in case of problems when using. Please press this button and wait for a response from an operator. 

Heating in the building is managed by a centralised system and will be set on timer if you find the building too warm or cold please contact an Eighty81 staff member (if on site) or email   

If you have any IT/connectivity issues contact an Eighty81 staff member (if on site) or email and we will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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